Self confidence and Self Esteem

Past hurts and disappointment can leave emotional scars. While you may have mentally moved beyond these traumatic and painful experiences of the past, your subconscious can hold onto them, and memories of them can contribute to low self confidence or self esteem. Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool for targeting the root cause and can help prevent those negative, overly critical thoughts from telling us how to feels about ourselves and empower us to rid ourselves of these negative thinking patterns.

Smoking Cessation

Most smokers are hooked on a habit they hate. It's true. The majority of smokers - an estimated 80% - would be happy to never smoke again. But if most smokers want to quit, have numerous reasons to quit, what is holding them back? The reason is simple - nicotine addiction is deeply rooted in the subconscious mind. Stress, mealtimes, driving, drinking alcohol and the list goes on - all subconsciously triggered thoughts. But what if there is a way to "shut off" or reframe these subconscious thoughts? Well, that is the technique of hypnotherapy for quitting smoking.

Insomnia and Sleeplessness

Sleep is something everybody needs. It plays a vital role in both our physical and mental health. Sleeping problems, such as insomnia, can make it difficult for some people to get enough sleep. While for some sleeplessness will have an obvious cause, others may not. Hypnotherapy for sleep can be helpful, using various techniques.

Sport and Athlete Performance

Lack confidence, nervousness,  want to avoid distractions, increase motivation or just want to improve your sporting performance overall? Research has shown that hypnotherapy has therapeutic and performance enhancing effects. Sports hypnosis is far more effective in getting rapid results, working directly with the subconscious mind, the part that controls our actions and behaviours, so changes are affected quickly. This is extremely important to sports people who need to achieve "the zone" when competing.

Pain Relief

Through self hypnosis clients can be trained how to induce anaesthesia in any part of their body. This stands them in good stead for relieving both acute and chronic pain. These procedures can then be implemented in dentistry, for injections, pain-free childbirth, or in an emergency.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Between five and eight million people in the UK suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and many can find no treatment that brings relief. Although the condition is often regarded as minor, the symptoms -including diarrhoea, pain and bloating - can seriously affect quality of life. Research has found that Hypnotherapy may help improve the primary symptoms, it may also help relieve other symptoms suffered by many such as nausea, fatigue and backache. Hypnotherapy appears to offer symptomatic, psychological and physiological benefits.